Our company was established in 1995 and for over twenty years has got a stable position on transporting and freight forwarding market. We are providing of comprehensive logistics services in the range of sea forwarding and international transport. We have extensive possiblilties and experience in the logistics branch, we approach each customer individually and create optimal solutions to guarantee the best quality of service. We provide our customers with reliable service and we are in touch with them. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the quality of our services and we also support them in optimizing logistical costs.

We specialize in transporting containerized cargo in export, import and transit from the pickup point to any geographic direction. We provide the organization of complete cargo supply chains to the European market, to the countries of the Far East (China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia) and to the US continents (USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil).

We also specialize in organizing international transports in various directions of European full-truck and groupage loads. We have a wide range of possibilities in organizing transport at the temperature of controlled loads on refrigerated trucks and isotherms. We can provide you with preferential price conditions, timely delivery and efficient service for both contract and single-shipment shipments.