Quality and delivery on time, at a favorable price

We have a wide range of possibilities in organizing international road transport in European countries, from transport of all-truck and general cargo, to transportation of cargo at controlled temperature and type ADR. We also arrange transport for oversized cargo on low-loaders and platforms. Our international transport services include exports, imports, metaframes (shipments between European Union countries) and cabotage (shipments within the country) in most European countries.

We ensure the highest quality of our services and constant control of supply chains and we are in constant contact with the customer. We also strive to propose the best logistical solutions in a favourable price range.


We arrange international transport for full truck loads and partial loads, we have to our disposal:
- Curtain trailers 13,6m to 24 tons Standard/Mega (height 2,75m/3m)
- Double train-trailer 15,4m to 21 tons / (7,7m + 7,7m height to 3m)
- Solo trucks 7,2m to 5,5 tons
- Bus curtains 4,8m to 1,2 tons (for 10 palletes)

We arrange international transports in European directions such as:
Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia


We are specialized in arranging transports in controlled temperature for plants on CC trolleys and frozen food. We can assure wide possibilities for transporting goods on:
- Freezer trucks 13,6m to 22 tons Standard ( capacity to 38 CC trolleys)
- Freezer trucks 13,6m to 22 tons "for flowers" ( capacity to 43 CC trolleys)
- Izotherms 13,6m to 22 tons
- Freezer solo trucks 7,2m to 4,2m from 3,5 ton to 1 ton

Oversized Transport

We arrange oversize transport for oversized loads on:
- Low-loaders SEMI and Tiefbett for loads up to 31 tons
- Platforms 13,6m MEGA to 24 tons
- We assure all permissions in oversize transport


We are specialized in transporting sea container by land and we have to our disposal:
- Container trailers for containers 40`DV/HC and 20`DV