Range of our services

We offer comprehensive service for the organization of sea freight from all-container shipments (FCL) to partial shipments (LCL). Our business is based on cooperation with marine shipowners and we cooperate directly with the marine ports to ensure efficient service both in terms of logistical and documentation. We arrange sea bookings and negotiate sea freight rates, prepare and verify documents for the necessary customs procedures and phytosanitary inspections. We provide comprehensive service in seaports, ranging from handling services in ports, to transhipments of goods from marine containers to land means of transport. We can provide you with efficient handling services, because we monitor and coordinate the entire course of logistic processes in seaports and we arrange the trucks for land transport. We also provide services such as storage of goods in ports and other locations. For your requirements, we organize additional insurance for sea and land shipments.


We arrange sea freights for:
- Full Container Loads (FCL) for size: 20`DV and 40`DV/HC to 21 tons
- Partial loads (LCL) : palletized and unpalletized
Sea freights on destinations:
asian`s (IMPORT/EXPORT): China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malesia,
american`s (IMPORT/EXPORT): USA, Canada, Mexico, Chille, Peru, Brasil


We arrange services in seaports in range of:
- handling of loads in seaport
- stowage of goods in containers
- reloadings of goods from containers to trucks 13,6m to 24tons
- storage goods in seaport
- packing and additional cargo securing for transport

- We arrange customs clearance for shipments from non-UE countries.
- We verify and preparing required documents for customs clearance procedures.
- We arrange phitosanitary inspections.

-We monitor and coordinate supply chains of shipments
-We assure information about the current shipment`s position.

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